Expired Test Strips – Several opinions –

My policy regarding expired diabetic test strips is this: I do not purchase expired strips.

If you have extra diabetic test strips that have recently expired, I will collect them and offer them to my contacts only after a discussion with them. I need to understand that the person receiving them takes full responsibility for their use.

Expired Diabetic Test Strips – What People are Saying
Here are some links from a Google Search for “expired Diabetic Test Strips”. I encourage you to do your own research and have a conversation with not only your doctor but also with a representative from the company that manufacturers the brand of strips that you use. Your health and well being is too important to leave it up to anyone else. Find out for yourself. Do not take somebody else’s “gut feeling” as a rule of thumb for your well being.

As one poster on the diabetesforum.com the forum said “I have had strips actually say “EXPIRED” on my meter. I was glad it was the strip and not me. Yes, they can go bad.”

http://www.diabetsforums.com “expired”link
http://www.diabetesforums.com “shelf life” link
http://www.themedsupplyguide.com link


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